How To optimize my website for search engines

Be on top of the Google results. More visibility equals more business!

Scuba Promotion can provide a personalized customized strategy in accordance to your company’s needs and requirements. Each of our customers has different requirements and therefore it is of utmost importance that we adhere to the following sequential steps to get your company fully optimized.

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We will first identify your expectations which could be:

  • Positioning your website better to get more customers.
  • Promoting a particular part of your services to boost your income.
  • Getting to the top in Google for certain keywords.

As each company’s needs and requirements are unique, we emphasize on the importance of individual attention and thoroughly understand what your company’s expectations may be.

Scuba Promotion is already ahead of the game since our teams of experts already understand all about OWD, liveaboard or Discover Scuba Diving.

The analysis of your website is the next phase. If you do not have a website, Scuba Promotion can design one for you or even provide you with a turn key website.

The process of analyzing your website will include studying its potential for search engine optimization and its position in search engines.

The pages that already have a good position in search engines will be recorded, in order to keep what already has been done and focus on new sources of income.

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Competition analysis

This service will help you identify your online competitors. You may be surprised with the results and discover that your “traditional” market place competitors are not necessarily your online ones. We will help you discover your company’s strong and weak points and strive to improve them with keywords that guarantee optimization.

Creating a strategy

The collected data will be compiled and used to create a strategy.
The following points will be taken into consideration.

  • Your requirements
  • Your competition
  • Your goal
  • Your website

Technical check

This service will help determine whether or not your existing website needs to be reconstructed from scratch or not. Correcting errors on your website which may be hindering search engines from surfing on your website.

I recall, one of our customers once asked for our assistance in getting his website stand out in search engines. We performed a 1 hour intervention and he started to get requests. He was grateful that we had done this work for a minimal price as he had a very limited budget at this time. He quickly came back with bigger budgets and has been using our maintenance services for over 6 years. His website and business have grown enormously since.

On page optimization

This process involves optimizing your pages for search engines. Your pages need to be well organized for search engines to comprehend, as they are machines. At this stage we will render your pages search engine and human friendly.

The invisible information sent to search engines (meta tags) will undergo optimization. This will include the visible part, communication between pages and the organization of the website structure as well. It's vital for this information to be organized and easy to understand for search engines.

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XML Site map

A site map of your website will be created and submitted to the main search engines. The purpose of the site map is to assist search engines to find your pages and regularly visit them to detect changes.

Off page optimization

This phase is done outside your website. This step can be started directly if your website is adequately organized for search engines. At this stage we need to show search engines that you are well known. As previously mentioned search engines are machines and do not have the capacity to decide what page is good enough to be at the top. Does this mean that search engines are stupid? Yes, they are, but their owner on the other hand is not. Google for instance utilizes the internet user’s eyes for result page adjustments. To cite an instance, if a website puts a link pointing to your website and it states that you sell shoes, he will retain this. By doing so, the search engine is utilizing the other person as valuation.
It is a human user who posted the link with the text for shoes. Hence Google can gather information from human users in addition to the information you entered on your page.
In the elaboration of a strategy this is one of the most significant steps.

We have different systems to do this.
Your needs will determine the system we adapt. Most often it's a combination of several.

  • Registering your industry or service in different key websites .
  • Social communities, blogs etc..
  • Link exchange campaigns.
  • Submission of articles.
  • Registering manually in directories.

Monitoring of monthly statistics

This will have the biggest impact on your sales.
Monitoring and interpreting your statistics, both will show you the success the strategy has had and guide you for work that will be done on your website in the future.
Scuba Promotion will keep track of your statistics and supply you with a monthly report containing an interpretation of the figures. These will be written in easy to understand language.

This will be “our” guide to decide on the next phase to embark on;
> What areas may be enhanced and where more new customers can be gained.
> Where we need to maintain.
> What customers expect from you.

The monthly reports will be presented in an easy-to-read and understandable matter which will highlight your needs and requirements specifically tailored to you.

Social media presence should be considered;

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Local search optimization
  • Facebook
  • Page optimization for more sales

Other steps that should be done;

  • Advanced statistics to see your website visitors conversion to sales
  • Submission of articles
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Video

For fast results we can help you manage paid campaigns for top positions in search engines.

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