XML site map

XML site map, what is it?

It's the list of the whole of a website's pages in standard format.
Major search engines like Google, Ask, Bing and Yahoo use this XML format.

Why do you need a XML site map?

The site map will make the work easier for search engines to visit your website in finding your pages when it's been created, published on your server and announced to search engines. The work for search engines to find and save your pages will be simplified if your XML site map is well organized.

How can your XML site map be updated?

Scuba Promotion can make an update of your site map on a regular basis depending on how frequently you have changes on your website. This can be done in your website's maintenance contract.
During the planification of the SEO strategy the frequency of this update will be determined.

We dispose of an automatic system that we can install on your server for websites that have changes daily. The site map will be updated by this automatic system and it will send the information about the newly generated site map submitted to search engines.

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