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You may request the following services individually or as part of a complete search engine optimization strategy.
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Find a list of the services Scuba Promotion offers in search engine optimization below.

Other services will be tailored to correspond to your expectations depending on your needs.

Offer to test our services
Entry analysis
Competition analysis
Visibility report
Full analysis
Monthly statistics monitoring
Conversion analytics
Technical check
On page optimization
SEO Copywriting
HTML Site Map
XML Site map
Off page optimization
Inbound links
Link exchange building
Article submission
Social communities presence
Paid result
Project management
SEO Consultancy

Offer to test our services

Take advantage of Scuba Promotion's trial services with a limited offer and see your success grow.
This is the offer we recommend for new customers.

Through this we have the opportunity to show you the effectiveness of our services with a limited service that is accompanied by a complete strategy.

Included in the offer

  • entry report
  • report interpretation
  • strategy to improve certain zones of the website that will bring about a significant difference
  • work carried out following the strategy
  • 3 months report along with our explanations and comments

Price of the offer:

1000 € for small websites (less than 30 pages).
2000 € for medium and large websites.

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Entry analysis

Scuba Promotion will analyse your website during the process of the entry analysis. We will look at the position it holds in search engines and the potential it has for search engine optimization.
A list of the things that need to be done to place your website at the top in search engines like Google will be created.
At the same time we will determine which pages have a good position in search engines. This way the work already carried out can be preserved and the focus can be on new sources of income. The analysis may be done as an independent project or as part of a complete project.
By doing so you have an overview of the situation before starting on a new strategy.

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Competition analysis

In order to identify your online competitors Scuba Promotion will carry out a competition analysis.
You might be astonished to discover that your online competitors are not necessarily the same as those on your traditional market place.
Now the aim is to find out their weak and strong points in order to do better.
We will make an analysis of the keywords and study their optimization on the market.

Visibility report

Your part of the market on the online business will be shown by the creation of a visibility report of your competitors and your website.
This report will aid us in setting up the project's goals.
The visibility report will also assist us in the search for keywords and show us what keyword needs to be added to your website and what keyword is already well placed.
The keywords and position of your competitors will also be visible.

Full analysis

A full analysis will enable you to see the precise situation of your website and search engines.
Strong points
Weak points
Search engines friendliness (can they be read by search engines?)
Your website’s technical situation
Comparison with competitors
Potential of improvement
What needs to be done
Is your website user friendly?
Is your content a value-added?
We will assess where we need to maintain
From the full report of the analysis you will get precise information that can be used for your website’s seo strategy and also by your marketing team.

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Monthly statistics monitoring

This will have the biggest positive effect on your sales.
Not only the success of the strategy will be shown by the monitoring and interpreting of your statistics but it will also serve as a guideline for future work on your website.
Scuba Promotion will watch your statistics closely and submit to you a monthly report with interpretation of the figures.
The reports will be written out in understandable language.
This will be your and our guide for the next step to take.
We will see what areas need to be maintained.
What the customer's expectations from you are.
What services have room for improvement and where new clients can be won.
Again, your monthly report will be customized to your needs and will contain the information you need and not just generalities.
This new input will guide us to a progressive planning and allow the adaptation of the strategy.
The next necessary steps will be included as well as a quotation

Conversion analytics

It's time to stop taking chances and guessing the origin of the visitors who purchased something or who made use of your contact form.
The keywords used by buyers to enter your website from a search engine.
The advertising campaign that brought users to your contact form, buyers or those who just surfed and left.
The entering point of visitors on your website and where they leave.
Your visitors typical path, where they go after they enter your website.
This information will be important for us you to adjust your campaigns and strategy.
Through this you will save on your advertising campaign and increase your income with the optimization.


We can create a strategy by using the analysis and information related to your goal.
The strategy will be a guide for both you and us for the steps to go through so as to boost the income from your website.
The steps to be followed and the precise sequence will be listed and explained.
These could range from small changes on your pages to the creating and submitting of articles on other websites.
In reference to the analysis, a list of the seo services will be provided (like those on this page) that are necessary for a perfect success. Included in the strategy you will find the list of steps to do as well as exact instructions on how to do them!
Scuba Promotion can carry this strategy out or your web master or agency can follow it.
In the event that the strategy is applied by a different person we will be available for consulting.

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Technical check

The technical check is part of the analysis, but may be done independently. For instance, in order to know whether an already existing website could just be optimized or if it needs to be redone from scratch. By thoroughly investigating and reporting at the website (administrator site) we will get to understand the potential your website has to be optimized. Certain websites or just some parts of websites are easy to maintain while some websites have been constructed without considering search engine optimization or maintenance. Through an analysis we will have a precise overview of the possibilities and eventual difficulties to encounter. This is a vital part of the project which will guide us through our work.

On page optimization

This process will involve the optimization of your pages for search engines.
Because they are machines, your pages need to be built in a way that search engines can understand.
Your pages will be rendered search engine and human friendly.
The invisible information that is transmitted to search engines (meta tags) will be optimized.
Important, this information should be well constructed and easily understandable for search engines. The visible part too, the communication between the pages and website structure.

SEO Copywriting

Your pages must have texts that are persuasive for users. If this is not the case, then there’s no reason to channel visitors to your website. After doing so we must also make it persuasive for search engines. Some users wanted to trick search engines and they had to take measures to protect themselves from these cheaters. They put in place filters that block pages that appear as spam. Let’s say you or your project manager wrote a page to the best of his knowledge and unfortunately the text corresponds to the filter put in place, so your page will not be taken into consideration. For instance, on one hand if you use a word too many times in a text it will be considered as spam. On the other hand If you do not use the keyword describing your services enough then your page will be seen as irrelevant. Although this is a simplified example it roughly sums up the situation.
Scuba Promotion’s SEO copywriting work will involve placing of the keywords in your text the right way for search engines and keeping your text appealing to users.
Only several years experience in the search engine marketing field will give you the right result.

HTML Site Map

An HTML site map refers to one or several pages depending on the size of your website that include a link to all your website’s pages. Your visitors, with the help of a site map, will see your different services faster. Scuba Promotion will add a lot of useful information for search engines on your site map.
Read more about html site maps

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XML Site map

Creating a site map for your website and submission to the main search engines.
The site map will aid search engines in locating your pages and visiting them regularly to find any changes. Read more about XML site map

Off page optimization

This refers to the optimization made outside your website.
The fact that search engines are machines and therefore do not dispose of the capacity to determine whether or not your page is the one that should be rightfully placed on top has already been pointed out.
For example, Google uses the eyes of the internet users to adapt their page results.
Just to illustrate we can take the following example. A website puts a link to your website saying that you trade in household appliances. He will register this. In this way, the other person will have served as an appreciation for the search engine as the text for household appliances was posted by a human user. This way, in addition to what you submitted on your page, Google will receive supplementary information.
This figures among the important steps in the creating of the strategy.

We have different systems available to do this.
Taking into account your individual needs, we will put to practise different ways or a combination of several.

  • Article submission
  • Manual registration in directories
  • Link exchange campaigns
  • Registration in different major websites of your industry or service

Inbound links

The technique whereby links to your website are created without giving a link back is called inbound links. To gain popularity, a good step to take is to register in directories. This will have a double impact. More visitors will find your website and search engines will take into account the amount of links pointing to your website. This will aid search engines to assess your popularity and give you better ranking. It’s important to place your links in a place where other companies from your industry are listed. Do not ever use automatic submission, only manual registration should be done. Submitting automatically could lead to your website being banned from the main search engines. The campaign needs to be spread over several months. For a campaign of 1000 inbound links, it should be spread from 3 to 6 months.

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Link exchange building

It's simple to exchange links with a website. However it's important to make sure that the websites you exchange links with are related to your services and industry. This can easily become a time consuming task and to avoid having links that do not function they must be maintained. It will reflect badly on the reputation of your company if you have non functioning links (broken links)

We offer the following link exchange campaigns:
A few links situated in the key passages to campaigns with an objective of 1000 links growing monthly. For campaigns that have a regular growing as a goal for instance 1h a day or 1h a week, we use a special monitoring software so as to optimize the time and save the request made and at the same time monitor the result and quality of the link.
The addition of links on your website and their maintenance can also be carried out and monitored by a software we use here daily. Only the monitoring will be done automatically by the software but the link exchange will be done manually.
After setting the goal together with you our trained team will work following the planned strategy and the goals to be reached.
In order for you to follow the progress monthly reports will be provided.

Article submission

Scuba Promotion can publish your articles on the internet or write out related articles and publish them for you. Article submission can be used for the purpose of making your services more visible or for branding. This can be used to put you in the leader position or reference in your industry.

Social communities presence

Social networking holds an important place for some industries while for others it is of no relevance. Scuba Promotion’s long experience will aid you in finding the right choice.
videos sharing ehow howcast etc.
Other social networks with a relation to your activities

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Paid result

If you are looking for a rapid reaction or short campaigns we offer management of paid advertising like Google, Sponsored Search from Yahoo, AdWords etc.
These will have the effect of placing your company in the top results of search engines immediately. This is more costly than a natural optimization and yields less results. This system is used for its advantage of giving quick results.
Should you need to be found under certain keywords over a limited period of time like Christmas, Easter and then not anymore, then this choice corresponds best to your needs.
Our experience in this will guarantee you a fast return to the investment. Scuba Promotion has many years experience in optimising and monitoring campaigns.

Additional work on the website

Should the strategy require some substantial work on your site like:


  • SEO copywriting
  • new supplementary pages
  • programming
  • eshopping
  • web mastering

These works can be carried out in collaboration with your internet agency or with our team.

Project management

A company cannot specialize in each domain. We have therefore picked the best from each profession to build a successful website. We can run your project and this way you have just one contact person for all your needs related to ebusiness.

SEO Consultancy

Do you have a web agency or an on site team in charge of your website and you require the experience of a SEO consultant who will advise you using the findings from a seo lab with many years of experience? We can give you the opportunity to benefit from the experience we have made with other customers in our lab. We may probably have tried what you just want to do. Save time and money. We, as an external consultant will maintain your file up-to date and be a part of your team in your office on an hourly basis or on the phone.

We are able to work with your agency or connect you to the best specialists you may need for your photography, web designing, graphic design and much more.

We can give you advice on the search engine optimization service that corresponds to your needs and the prices. Just ask for a free quote.